Cafe Mani e Mani

11:00 - 16:00 / 18:00 - 21:30
6-23-1 ,sumiyoshi-chou
Tajimi-city,Gifu Japan






The “Grand Menu” for the first half of 2024 will be effective until May 30th.

Due to volatile sourcing conditions, we will be notifying of price revisions twice a year.

Please verify current prices of available items, as changes may have been made from past prices and product offerings.

When referencing photos or articles on social media, be sure to check the date of publication.

⚠️ Towards the end of May, some items will be discontinued. Price revisions are scheduled for June 1st for the second half of the year. Some items will be subject to change.

Keeping prices stable for nearly 10 months has been extremely challenging. Olive oil, a staple for Italian cuisine, has already doubled in price, and other ingredients are also on the rise.

Given our reliance on imports, particularly for Western cuisine, we’ve made efforts to transition to domestic alternatives, but we’ve reached our limits.

Though it pains us to raise prices for our customers, we’ve had to grapple with this decision. While some prices will remain unchanged, it’s necessary to establish reasonable pricing.

① Some dinner sets will see price increases, with certain items either increasing in price, being discontinued, or replaced. ② Lunch sets are planned to remain unchanged, with further evaluation after June.